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Find the exit before time runs out

Gather coins to open the gate

Watch out for monsters

Monsters can't cross dirt or gravel

Most (but not all) monsters die in fire and water

Force floors carry you in their direction. You can step sideways off a force floor. Random force floors send you off randomly.

You can't walk through walls (including thin walls)

If anything moves onto a trap it will be stuck there until the trap is released with its brown button

Some walls are invisible. Some appear when you touch them. Touch blue walls to see if they are real or fake.

Stepping on a popup will create a new wall (only you can do this, monsters and blocks cannot).

Find keys to unlock doors.

The green key is special - it will unlock an unlimited number of green doors. The other keys are single use only (but you can collect more than one of the same color key).

Push blocks around.

Push blocks into water to make dirt Step on dirt to make floor

Pick up flippers to be able to swim in water

Pick up fire boots to be able to survive in fire

Pick up force boots to be able to walk on force floors

Pick up ice skates to control yourself on ice

Quicksand will take away all your footwear.

When a green button is pressed, all open toggle walls will close, and vice versa

When a blue button is pressed, all tanks will turn around.

When a red button is pressed, a clone machine somewhere will create a new monster or block

When a brown button is pressed, a trap somewhere will release.

Explode bombs by guiding monsters or blocks into them.

Enter a teleport to be taken to another teleport - which teleport you end up depends on the direction from which you entered the original teleport.