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There are four basic steps to the game of jacks:
Toss the jacks
You start with 10 jacks in your hand. To start each round, shake or double-tap your device to toss the jacks randomly out onto the ground.

Toss the ball
Put your finger on the ball and slide it across the bottom of the screen. When you're ready to toss it, gently but quickly swipe your finger up as straight as you can. The ball will take off flying off the top of the screen, and a target will appear directly under wherever the ball goes (see Ball Target).

Pick up jacks
Tap a jack (or use the correct gesture depending on difficulty - see Difficulty Indicator). The jack moves to the "jack in hand" tray indicating that you currently hold the jack in your hand.

Catch the ball
After the ball has bounced, tap the target. If the ball has bounced the required number of times and you've picked up the correct number of jacks (both depending on the current round), then the jacks in your hand move down to the possession tray, and you're ready for the next toss. If you didn't successfully pick up the right number of jacks, or the ball didn't bounce enough, or it bounced too much, or if the ball flew off the side of the screen, then that toss was not good, and any jacks in your hand are put back on the ground.

The in-game tutorial will take you through each of these steps.